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About Us

VECOUNT is not designed just to computerize bookkeeping and issuing of sales invoices, it extends well beyond  these most basic functions.
Helping enterprises to utilize software capability fully to automate every part of business process: improving work flow productivity, internal control and on-time operational information availability.
VECOUNT is suitable for small or large business, making the software scalable and customizable. Expand as Business Grow.
Many small businesses started small, but most basic accounting software usually out-live as business expands requiring more complex functionalities. Changing software cause business disruption and costly to migrate data and user re-training.
Advanced and sophisticated features are usually available in expensive ERP software only and is priced beyond the budget of most SME, also difficult to use and many advanced features are usually not required when business is still small.
Many currently not needed functionalities can be de-activated via built-in user settable configurators.
Examples, stock serial number tracking, color, brand and product shelf life expiry date, extensive credit control administration, inter-branch stock transfer and PSI reports can be toggled off.
Every business and users requirements is different and no software in the world can suit every business diverse needs, thus making software customizable to meet the unique requirements of each business is critical. 
The software is enabled to support multi-user, branch, outlets, departments and business units. Company with multi branches would find the software extremely useful as HQ has complete control and visibility of each branch information. Any authorized user is able to view each branch inventory status, enforce credit control, monitors cash collection and sales.
We also provide options for user either to host the software in their in-house server/PC or 3rd party data center cloud server. If hosted in cloud server, users are not required to invest and maintain expensive in-house sever and many related software like Microsoft Server operating and SQL database software.
Deploying Cloud based business software has many advantages:-
  • In house server requires qualified IT professionals to manage and maintain. Costly and difficult
  • Cloud server automatically supports multi users and branches.
  • Making software software upgrade extremely easy and efficient. The software is installed in cloud server and not in user local computer. In the event of software upgrade, it can be done over the cloud without visiting user premises at all.
  • Software is accessible anywhere in the world, any time via any internet connected devices like smartphone, tablet, ipad, notebook and PC.
  • Empower mobile sales force to conduct business on the move. Sales staff can login sales orders via tablet or smartphone, check stock and customer credit status.
  • In the occurrence of Internet connection disruption, user still able to use smartphone 3G WiFI hotspot. System performance is not compromised as the software uses very minimal Internet bandwidth.
The software is well suited for most trades as we have many specialized modules caters to various trades like Distribution, Retail, F&B, Service Industry, used car dealers, manufacturing, Logistics etc.
Making accounting software more functional for non financial operational needs, we have many business productivity improvement modules such as:
  • Auto calculation of sales persons commission.
  • Warranty and service: Records and track warranty repairs and service jobs.
  • Treasury: Cash flow forecasting, tracking issued and due BA, LC and TR.
  • CRM
  • Field Sales Force automation.
  • Order Forecasting for procurement
  • Extensive Inter Branch Stock transfer management.
  • Voucher: issue and track internally issued Cash and Discount vouchers.
  • Exception Tracking and Reporting of low margin invoiced sales by branch/Sales person.
  • ERP grade Credit Administration: extensive customer credit profiling, online appeals etc.
  • Product Costing: Increase product landed cost with other add-on costs like marketing, RMA.
Logistics management -
  Cash flow and treasury
In depth credit control and
  Customers and sales force
Extremely rich and extensive
sales and inventory analysis
  Sales force automation
Commission calculation   Flexible product costing
Tracking of promotional campaigns
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