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F&B - Cafe, Seafood Restaurant, PUB, Kopitiam 

The most advanced F&B software in Malaysia.

VECOUNT is designed to suit any type of Foods and Beverage business. F&B software should meet the following critical needs of any F&B operator:
  • Rapid processing speed in the areas of Order Taking, Foods Preparation, Billing and  Collection
  • Improves customer service and experience by reducing customer ordering time.
  • Modifiable software to meet each customer diverse and changing business needs.
  • Software must be extremely easy to use and yet functionally features rich.
  • Multi outlets operator has the option to link each outlet online via internet facilitating control and management by HQ.
  • Accepts wide variety of payment type apart from Cash and credit cards: 3rd party Discount voucher,  internally issued discount and Cash Voucher, Membership Rewards Points.
  • Strong software assisted built-In internal controls to prevent or minimize frauds in the areas of billing, cash collection and stock controls.
VECOUNT F&B has the following special functions usually not available other F&B software:
  • Send foods orders to multiple kitchen printers for one same ordered Recipe. This is needed when one Recipe item needs to be processed by 2 separate cooks not in same location.
  • Supports multiple receipt printers. Requires for operator with high customer volume traffic and large restaurant/Café where waiter can triggers receipt printing at nearest printer without walking to main cashier terminal. This saves precious time for customers and waiters.
  • A special Cash Payment only icon to handle payment by cash only, quickens billing and payment.
  • Customer foods order time status display to monitor customer waiting, minimise customer complaints for long waited orders.
  • Auto Send Notification to Kitchen for “cancelled orders”, “Table Transfer”and “Customer instruction changed”.  To prevent repeated ordering of foods for a same customer. Any same order being accidentally sent twice  to kitchen, warning texts “RE-PRINTED” would appear on the Kitchen Order slip.
  • User creatable/editable Order Special Remarksfor instructions from customer and they are organised by Recipe group or individual menu item as each recipe has its own unique remarks. Also it accepts multiple Remarks for each Recipe.
The system also allows modification to “Order Remarks” even after being sent to Kitchen, Deletions and additions are allowed and Change Notification will be sent to Kitchen with this text header appearing on the Change Notice slip – “CHANGE NOTICE”
  • A special menu for waiter to use using Tablet/iPad. The user interface is very clean and simplified with unneeded functionalities removed.
  • An optional Ordering Menu interface enabling customer self-Ordering.
  • A special function for Sea Foods restaurant to handle season price and actual weight. The system mandate assigned staff to input actual weight and current price for marked recipe.
  • For restaurant serving exquisite recipe using expensive ingredients such as imported beef and seafood where usage and stock quantity need to be tracked, we have special optional function to automatically compute formulated usage versus actual usage with printable physical stock count sheet. The actual usage can be posted to Accounting module as cost of Goods sold to generate accurate Profit & Loss statement for each outlet.
  • Probably VECOUNT is the only F&N software in Malaysia to integrate POS front-end invoicing to Accounting module. The Accounting module has been designed to be very user friendly allowing staff and owner operator with very little accounting skills to handle basic book keeping. The Accounting would generate monthly accounts and returns with one touch function.
  • Instant conversion of receipt type simplified Tax Invoice to A4 or receipt size Full Tax invoice. By just keying customer name and full address. Printed Simplified Tax invoice can be re-called and edited for conversion to Full Tax Invoice
  • Handles Split Bill (AA), Table Transfer and Table combine.
  • Cash Collection report filterable by shift/time, Waiter, Cashier and Outlet ID.
  • Exception reporting of Cancelled and Refunded posted Bills filterable by Outlet ID, Cashier and Waiter codes.
  • Accepts customers Pre-Payment (deposit) and can be offset during actual billing. This function is required for restaurants accept special functions such as birthday party, New Products Launching party and Wedding functions. The system is able to issue Tax Invoice for paid deposit as output tax is payable for received deposit.
  • It supports Happy Hour pricing where customers enjoy special pricing or discount. Happy Hour time duration is user settable. Short-cut  button to disable Happy Hour pricing for user selected day.
  • For F&B operator wish to link-up all outlets for better controls and online information visibility, we provides the  options to install the software in operator in-house server or 3rd party cloud based web server. The advantages of cloud server are many. Investment and maintenance of in-house server is not required helping to reduce IT costs, Management is able to access each outlet system via internet using smartphone and tablets.
  • User creatable and editable table number assignment (alpha-numeric allowed) with clear table location description. Option to impose surcharge (% or fixed amount) dependent on table locality such as aircorn section or VIP room.
Comprehensive Table Reservation
  • It records the following details:
    • Contact person name and number.
    • Company name.
    • Number of persons and table.
    • Pre-assigned table.
    • Time.
    • Remarks instructions.
  • Reserved tables status is viewable and can be cancelled or neglet.

Saloon - Beautician/Hair Stylist

  • Integrated to back-end system: Accounting and Inventory.
  • Very friendly Front-End POS interface, extremely simple to use
  • Supports touch screen or keyboard input.
  • Billing code can be called by barcode or Item description search.
  • Accepts multiple payment mode: cash, credit card, discount voucher etc.
  • Salesman code input to track sales and auto compute commission
  • Daily Check out report to account daily cash collection filterable by cashier and shift.
  • User create able and editable customer seating ID. Also caters for Seat Transfer and Seat Combine for joint billing.
  • Supports consignment stocks. Clear report on on-hand consigned stock quantity and actual quantity sold or consumed for submission to supplier.
  • Happy hour price setting: special pricing or discount to customer.
  • Inventory control for high value stock items.
  • Option to track actual usage of expensive merchandise versus pre-set formulated usage.
  • Accounting module is designed to very user friendly allowing owner or general clerk with no accounting skills to close financial books.
  • User settable commission scheme to automate calculation of sales commission. Rate can be piece rated or % of billing price or both.
  • Sales analysis reports filterable by date range, salesman and outlet code.
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