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VECOUNT use only industry tested and proven Microsoft software solutions including the software development tools and most importantly the SQL data base engine.
To ensure no data loss, corruption and rapid data update and retrieval, choice of SQL data base is critical. We use Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise version
A quick understanding of database technology. To run business software smoothly, at least 2 softwares needed to be installed in user server or PC. First, the actual application software codings written by software developer, second is any 3rd party provided database software, can be acquired free or for a price.
They are many available free legal SQL database software such as MySQL and SQL Server Express. SQL Server Enterprise from Microsoft is an enterprise grade database management system that's usually hosted by a server and can scale across multiple servers and locations.
For local PC, small databases, and less critical situations, Microsoft offers a limited version of SQL Server called SQL Server Express and can be downloaded for free and installed on your local PC. 
SQL Server Express has Limitations as being a free version:
  • Limits the maximum storage space.
  • Limits memory usage, this affects system performance.
  • Limits the full utilization of server CPU, this affects processing speed.
  Enterprise Standard Web Express
Maximum Database Size 524PB 524PB 524PB 10GB
Computer Capacity OS MAX 4 sockets or 16 cores 4 sockets or 16 cores 1 socket or 4 cores
Maximum Memory OS MAX 128GB 64GB 1GB
Database Mirroring YES YES (Safety Full Only) Witness Only Witness Only
Smart Backups, Encrypted Backups YES YES - -
The most critical issue is the maximum database size. The other differences are related to performance and maintenance. For more details, visit Microsoft's SQL Server 2014 Comparison of Editions including Enterprise vs. Express

Cloud Technology

We provide VECOUNT users the option to host the software in their in-house server/PC or 3rd party data center cloud servers.
Deploying and host software in the data center cloud server is the current global trend. Trim IT maintenance cost, improve user experience and facilitate software access anywhere, anytime.
These are the major benefits of using cloud server:
  • Cut down IT maintenance cost tremendously.
    For company wish to have multi users with multi branches, investing in expensive high performance server, switches, router, UPS power backup is a must. Apart from hardware, user must buy the following licensed software: SQL software, Remote Access connection, Microsoft Server Operating system 2008, firewall etc.
  • Ensuring Server maximum uptime is critical to minimize system downtime.
    Maintaining server is difficult as it  requires high level IT skills. Apart from employing in-house network engineers, sever should be housed in cool and near dust free environment. Cloud servers at data centers are professionally managed coupled with good cooling, high speed internet connection and in house power generator.
  • As the software is hosted in cloud sever being Internet connected, it really ease access via a variety of internet connected devices like tablets, smartphones, PC and notebooks.If user is in overseas, access become possible now.
  • It makes  software support and after sales service become so easy and efficient. As the software is not installed in user PC/Server, any upgrade or bug fixing can be done in the cloud server instantly. Many software vendors are using TeamViewer to access user PC but it requires user to exit the software as TeamViewer does not support multi user. For Cloud server, this is not necessary as it allows programmer to upgrade the software without user to exit the software, no disruption of operation.
  • Many companies outsource their bookkeeping but Accountants usually have to re-keying transactions into their accounting software. For cloud based software, users can authorize accountants to access the software, re-keying becomes unnecessary enabling quick accounts book closing and reduce outsourcing fee.
  • We auto backup client data automatically at regular interval, currently set at hourly interval.
  • Users always use the latest and improved version of the software.VECOUNT is constantly making enhancement and shall be updated into the cloud server regularly without charging customers.
The major doubts and concerns of using Cloud based server:

Internet disconnection

This is possible but very low possibility. With the wide spread use of Internet, users have the option to gain Internet access, apart from land base TM Streamyx,  Unifi, major wireless internet provider such as Yes, P1 and even 3G smartphone hotspot. Bad and poor internet connection at client side.

Bad and poor internet connection at client side.

We are using server side programming technique commonly known as "Centralized Processing "vs "Distributed Processing". The major benefits of centralized processing method:


  • Requires very minimal usage of Internet bandwidth between server and user local PC. This is because transaction data and software are housed in server, when PC user issue processing command to server, the Server process data and not the local PC.
  • Server just send the result like report with much reduced data volume to user. This  approach prevents huge volume of raw data travel out of server to be processed by local PC which consumes high Internet bandwidth.
  • This method also eases software and PC maintenance cost. Only one set of software need to be installed in the server and not at at each individual local PC. Under Distributed Processing in a multi-user setting, accounting software must be installed separately at each PC. Imagine a company with 100 PC, users must re-install software for all the 100 computers in the event of software upgrade.
  • Do not require to use high power PC because the local PC does not do the data processing, it just being used as display terminal. Hence a a low cost dumb terminal can be used in place of PC.
Know more: www.compuquip.com   www.wyse.com

Data security

Any devices like smartphone, in-house server or PC connected to Internet would expose to certain degree of risks of data being hacked or hijacked.
However, this risk is extremely low data because we are not running and house highly sensitive data like banks and military units. However, many preventive measures have been taken:


  • Input of valid user ID and password is mandatory
  • Data are encrypted.
  • Firewall protection.
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